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Group sessions (of up to 4 people) last 2 hours and are run as a 12-18 week course. Cost per person for each session is $56.


Individual sessions run for either 1 or 2 hours and can be tailored according to the person’s needs. 
Cost: $70 per hour.

Concessions may be available.


For more information please phone or use the email form opposite.

Elaine Hatfield-White

TEL: 0424 706 741

NDIS Provider Number: 4050044390

NDIS Code for support: 15_048_0128_1_3

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US acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which US was established,
the Wadjuk Noongar people and pays respect to their elders past, present and future

Social interactions can be 
both confusing and overwhelming at times for people with autism. This may result in social isolation and affect education or employment opportunities.

Working with US you can develop and practise social strategies within a safe and supportive environment. This builds confidence in your social interactions.


Using video modelling and social autopsies we learn how to apply these skills
in context.


About US

US provides a unique service in Western Australia that empowers people with autism by providing them with strategies and skills to improve their confidence in social interactions.

We meet in small group or one-to-one sessions to explore and understand social situations with the help of Socialeyes, a learning resource developed for and with adults with autism by the National Autistic Society (United Kingdom). This program is delivered in structured sessions which use video modelling to aid personal development.

Dependent on participants’ preferences, role play and filming can also be included. Developing this further in order to generalise skills, participants may decide to practice these skills in other settings while gaining feedback and growing their self confidence.

Additional Information

About the Socialeyes Program

The Socialeyes program demonstrates and analyses the unwritten and often unspoken rules of social interactions.

There are 9 modules:

• Eye Contact • Starting a Conversation • Keeping on topic during a Conversation • Personal Space • Sensitive Topics
• Taking turns in a Conversation • Talking about your Interests • Ending a Conversation • Sensory Sensitivity

Each module follows a similar sequence:

  • Watching a film sequence of the social interaction • Discussion • Watching a second sequence and identifying the changes • Discussing personal experience around this interaction • Using work sheets and/or photo cards to formulate a personal plan and develop the skill • Trying the skill • Giving and receiving feedback.

About Me

I completed my BSc (HONS) Autism Studies as a mature student while working as a Disability Adviser at university. As a person with Asperger’s Syndrome, I understand how educational and working environments can be challenging for those on the autism spectrum.

I have been providing practical advice, guidance and support to university students with autism for the last
15 years.


Within this time I trained with the National Autistic Society in London as a Facilitator for Socialeyes - their Social Skills development program. 


Prior to this I taught communication and life skills for
7 years in Further Education.



BSc (HONS) Autism Studies

Socialeyes (Social Skills) Facilitator

Edexcel Professional Development Award in Art and Design,

Certificate in Teaching Studies (Post-compulsory)

Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention Trainer Award


About You

You are someone with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome
(or a similar, undiagnosed condition)


You may be studying at university, working or looking for work. You may be highly skilled/ knowledgable in your subject area and when it is just you doing your thing, life is easier. However, you find social situations at uni or at work make you anxious and so you tend to avoid them when you can.

You would like to improve the social skills you have but are not sure where to start.